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Online Tutoring

Online tutoring support is fast becoming an option for students and is an indicator of students needs for continual learning support outside of the school environment. In the past 10 years, online learning has experienced a rapid growth of 18% per year.

Varsity Connections  recommends the Focus Eduvation   On Line Tutoring Program.  They have   highly intereractive sessions, all in real time ,designed to improve student engagement , maximize learning outcomes with a one on one continual academic support. It is technologically tailored to create an environment for easy and requirement-specific learning with access to valuable educational resources, immediate resolution of queries.

The Online Tutoring Advantage

Effective: One on One sessions: Students are more confident in raising doubts/asking questions than in classrooms which leads to increased participation & higher achievement

Interactive: Engages the students in learning and puts them in control of their learning environment

Convenient: Students learn from anywhere with an internet connection at any time of day or evening.

Safe: Tutors undergo a background check, provide verification of identity, references, qualifications and experience before they start tutoring. Students only connect to the tutor they have been scheduled with. All sessions are recorded for review.

Affordable: It provides an affordable option as there are no other costs - such as travelling or materials.


  • Highly trained skilled tutors
  • Selection based on Qualification and a minimum 2 year Teaching experience.
  • Candidates required to pass 3 subject based modules and one practical session .
  • Successful candidates undergo a rigorous 2 week boot camp on Online Training Methodologies.
  • Stringent Quality Control is in place with 1 Supervisor for every 5 tutors.
  • Each session is monitored to ensure the quality of the tutoring sessions.


Ease of Use

  • Internet Connectivity and a PC with Headphones and Mic.
  • Easy to navigate.Student /Parent can Buy tutoring hours/Schedule classes/Access resources/View recordings/Session history.
  • Interactive whiteboard with Chat and Audio options ensures student/tutor engagement through teacher led and independent working.


Diagnostic /Prescriptive Support

Student is assessed for grade level readiness though a diagnostic test and a Customized Learning Plan is prescribed. This program offers one on one support targeted to address core problem areas.It is supported by Plato Learning, a leading US based provider of comprehensive online learning solutions which gives students access to worksheets and assignments. This improves student attainment and progress to the next grade. Parents can monitor student performance via session recordings and schedule classes/timings.

Course help

Student is given one on one support in core areas of study through the year as in a face to face tuition.The tutoring in Course help follows lesson plan at school. This ensures that concepts are reinforced improves academic achievement. All sessions are recorded and can be accessed at anytime for review

Exam Readiness

Students can avail of this during the crucial times just before exam to revise and reinforce concepts. This program is on a One on one support basis and offers the student opportunities to clarify doubts and to get additional practice. All sessions are recorded and can be accessed at anytime for review

Homework Help for At–Risk Students

This program is useful for students struggling with assignments and gives them the expert guidance in order to keep up with the class. This is also one on one with the tutor and Increases student engagement and improves achievement .All sessions are recorded and can be accessed at anytime for review

On Demand Sessions

Students can use this to get specific help whenever required, can be used for homework help, doubt clarifications, assignments etc.One on one support is offered inn Demand and sessions can be as short as 15 minutes.All sessions are recorded and can be accessed at anytime for review

Unlimited School License

This is a cost effective service offered to schools. Schools buy licenses in bulk & avail unlimited usage for licensed students. The service can be used for all of the above products except Diagnostic/Prescriptive & SAT Prep. The service rendered is result oriented with scheduled/planned tutoring which ensures continuous student engagement & improves attainment.

Please call Varsity Connections for details regarding the Online Tutoring Program - +9714 4390190

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