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 VC MAP - Overview of Career Search Assessment           

In today’s competitive world, it is crucial for students to be focused when it comes to effective career planning. Identifying ones strengths assumes importance while making a decision whether it be choosing a subject at high school or the selection of an under graduate program. The optimal match between ones aptitude and career pathway is thus critical to academic success.


Career Search Assessments prove very effective in establishing the student’s strengths and identifying appropriate university programs (matching the student’s strengths with appropriate university programs).


Varsity Connections conducts Career Search Assessments for students from Grade 10 upwards. This Assessment examines 3 key areas:


a.    Motivation

b.    Aptitude

c.    Personality


a) Motivation

The Motivation test measures 7 broad patterns of interest: Words, Art, Physical, Experimenting, Organisation, Business & Social.

A brief description of each of the areas is given below.


W– Words  - Communication/Information

A – Art  - Performance or Fine Arts/Creativity/Intuition

P - Physical - Activity/Sports/Outdoors

E – Experimenting  - Analytical/Scientific

O - Organisation - Administration/Co-Ordination/Resource Usage

B - Business  - Entrepreneurship/Earn your own living

S - Social - People Focused/Advising/Caring


The test gives an indication of the type of work activity that appeals most to the student. It not only looks at specific areas like the ones mentioned above, but also combinations of fields such as Words & Art, Science & Business etc. It thus encourages the student to think outside of the box when planning a career.

b) Aptitude

The Aptitude test is the foundation upon which the career search assessment is based.The tests are designed to identify natural ability & specific intellectual skills. The tests analyse skills that are relevant to different careers. Completing all the tests allows you to establish your likely strengths & weaknesses in order to. Know your strengths & find a way to use them 
  • Know your strengths & find a way to use them
  • Know your weaknesses & not allowing yourself to be limited by them. 

The Aptitude Test is a battery of tests in the following 9 areas:
Measures critical thinking ability
Tests Numeric Reasoning Skills
Measures inherent intelligence
Detects potential to analyse abstract problems & those related to art & design
Indicator of creative potential but in more structured areas such as engineering & technology
Assesses basic arithmetic skills
Test of learnt language skill
Additional check on underlying potential in abstract reasoning
Test that measures speed & accuracy
Unlike the other 2 tests, the Aptitude Test has correct/incorrect answers and is timed and graded. The student’s performance in this set of tests results in an Aptitude Chart which is mapped against skill requirement charts for over 40 different career options. It is designed to indicate the area of education/career that the student is good at and thus most likely to succeed in.

c) Personality
The Personality test analyses dimensions of personality that are useful to students in planning their careers. It helps them understand what it is about the way they feel and behave that might make them more suited to a particular career.
The test outlines the student’s approach to people and tasks based on 8 dimensions.
Approach to tasks is profiled by a combination of the following 4 dimensions:
Factual, Imaginative, Deliberate, Spontaneous.
Relationship with people is profiled by a combination of the following 4 dimensions:
Gregarious, Solitary, Assertive, Passive.
The student’s personality characteristics would then be a combination of 4 dimensions – 2 task related and 2 people related to result in 1 of 16 possibilities identified as FSpAG, IDPSo etc.
The Career Search Assessment takes about 2 hours to complete. The 3 parts of the Assessment are analysed and a report compiled with shortlisted career options. A table indicating the suitability of the student to the various careers under consideration is also depicted.
VC MAP - Benefits 
  • VC MAP helps plan careers and reduces confusion during the choosing of subject pathways in high school
  • It is effective in establishing the students strengths and highlights   streams /courses where student shows aptitude
  • Aptitude test results mapped against skill sets for various careers. This enables a direct match between ability and career choices
  • VC Map allows the students to explore all possible career options and not limit them to a just a few, thus not only making them aware of their wider potential but also  helping them make appropriate and realistic choices
  • Choices made in a scientific manner hence student drop out and stream shifts are unlikely leading to a high percentage of student success
  • Complements & Support the academic support activities of the school
  • Missing link that bridges the counselling department and the student effectively
  • Reports are unique and subjective in nature
The assessment can be taken in one of the following ways:
         1. Offline at VC Premises
The following package options are available to students:
  • Basic               Aptitude Test - AED 400
  • Standard        Motivation & Aptitude Test - AED 550
  • Premium        Motivation, Aptitude & Personality Test - AED 700
*A one hour one-on-one Counseling Session is included. 
       2Online through the Varsity Connections Website. 
*Please email us on for test taking and payment methods if you wish to take the test Online. 
Important points to note for the Online Test.
Varsity Connections recommends the premium package as it is the most comprehensive and provides a detailed evaluation of the student’s Motivation, Aptitude & Personality.
  • VC MAP Career Search Assessment works best on Internet Explorer 7,8,9, Mozilla Firefox 16-18 and Google Chrome
  • Ensure that you have uninterrupted internet connectivity whilst doing the test
  • While taking the test it is advisable that  you are  well rested  and that the environment  is distraction-free
  • Please read through the test instructions carefully before starting the test
  • Since the tests are timed it is important that you work quickly and efficiently and strive to complete each test in the allotted time
  • Please ensure that you have pen and paper at your side for rough work
Students can register for the test in one of the following ways:
  1. Varsity Connections Website
  2. Direct contact with VC
  3. Participating Schools
  4. Registered Agents
Upon registration and payment, the student will be given a unique username and password.
The student logs in to the test centre with this username and password to begin the assessment.
There is a 3 day validity on the student's account. The student  has to complete the assessment in the specified time period.
Payment Methods
Payment methods depend on how the student registers.
Varsity Connections Website – Contact Varsity Connections
Direct contact with VC - Cash
Participating schools – Payment to school
Registered Agents - Contact Varsity Connections
  1. Once the payment has been completed, the tests will remain active for a period of 3 days.
  2. Payments will not be refunded.
  3. If the Assessment has not been completed for a genuine reason, the candidate has the option to request for an extension.
  4. The extension will be for a period of 24 hours
  5. All queries/complaints/disputes can be directed to  and will be decided  on a case by case basis.
Please click here to get the sample test document.
Please click here to get the sample report document.
**Please note that this REPORT is only a sampler. **


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