Online Tutoring

VC Online Tutoring

1. VC MAP - Career Mapping 
  • Conduct psychometric assessments that help students identify Aptitude/ Interests /Personality.
  • Identify career choices, shortlist probable career programs that the student might be successful in based on the results of the  assessments
  • Follow through with university admission services
  2. VC Education Guidance - Personalised Career Counselling

One on one Counselling personal and unique to each student helps students identify the right combination of study programs, institutes and location.
  3.VC University Admission Assistance 
  • Helps student indentify and select appropriate education destination
  • Identify suitable courses that will suit the student
  • Shortlist Universities based on students personal requirement and academic qualifications 
  • Guides student through the  admission process to Universities selected 
  • Assistance in filling of the application forms as well as scholarship applications.
  • Guidance in Essays and Personal Statements
  • Acceptance and follow on Accomodation guidance 
  • Counselling on all aspects of obtaining a student visa.
  • Assistance with all documentation with regard to ViIsa application
4. VC Career Literacy Initiative   Workshops/Seminars
  • We conduct Career Planning Workshops at schools, Community Centres and other locations in Dubai and Overseas. 
  • Regular meetings with counsellors of schools to help tailor workshops/seminars to suit the requirements of the school.
 5. External Counsellors for Schools and Communities
  • Varsity Connections offers comprehensive academic counselling services to schools and Communities
  • Academic counselling support to schools which may not have counselling resources
  • Conduct group assessments at schools.





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  Overview of Career Search Assessment
  Motivation, Aptitude, Personality
  Taking the test, Registration, Payment
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